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Riding Critique

Just trying to stay topside...

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Riding Critique

A community for those of us who would like constructive criticism on their riding.

Please read the following rules before you post:

1. Both when giving and receiving criticism, please behave in a civil manner. We all have different training methods and will all have different opinions on a topic. If you post something for critique you need to be prepared to get it. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all!

2.Only post one photo/video to be visible on the main page. All other additions should be behind a cut. Ie <*lj-cut*> or <*lj-cut text="your text here"*> and remove the stars.

3. Only request critiques of yourself using your own photos. With all of the copyright laws and dubious ownership of things on the internet the only way to be sure that something is legal is if you took it yourself.

4. Picture quality is very important. Please only post pictures that are of decent quality. Also, please make sure that your pictures are not so large that they could take forever to load. When posting pictures make sure that the ones you post aren't redundant. Pictures need to be relevant to a critique.

5. All posts on this forum need to be relevant to a riding critique. This is not an open forum.

6. When someone takes the time to write out a critique for you, please have the courtesy to reply to let them know that you have read it and that they didn't waste their time typing it out.